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A new start for Sixth Form and the Basketball programme across the school

After what seems like a summer that never existed it has been a busy and exciting time for the basketball academy students and JMA in general.

With players moving to our school from places such as Barcelona, Newcastle, Plymouth, Gloucester, London and Cornwall it has certainly taken a few weeks to settle into a rhythm.

With a new Head of 6th form in post, a new Head of specialism, new Coaches and new responsibilities it really is a great time to be a JMA student.

This year’s programme includes 2 Boys teams (One EABL u19 League and one in National Schools competitions) for the first time with and a girls’ team competing for the first time in the highest league for u19s WEABL.

The competitions will really stretch our players this year and will certainly allow them to see how much they need to do for them to reach some of the incredibly high ambitions that they have been setting themselves.

Within lower school the new programme of Coaches working within selected classes has started with great success and has allowed more contact time with players that are wanting to make basketball a chosen sport for BTEC and GCSE in their future too.

Finally it has to be said that without such support from staff and parents this programme would simply not be possible. The players from last year have gone on to achieve some special results and we are incredibly proud of them, and now it is the time of the next generation!

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