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JMA Values

Responsibility & Leadership

  • Individuals in the community are accountable for their own decisions and actions and are supported by strong leaders, while trailblazers are encouraged to develop skills and talents in others. The Trust has a strong commitment to developing and nurturing our own leaders.

Enjoyment and Innovation

  • We know that everyone learns best when they enjoy what they do and are in a position to follow their innate desire to achieve. We push boundaries so that pioneering ideas are tried and tested and consequently our academies remain leaders in the advancement of teaching and learning methods.

Aspiration and Development

  • Every member of the community, from the youngest student to the oldest member of staff, is encouraged to cultivate opportunities to grow. We achieve excellence by being inspired to become the best we can be. The progress and well-being of pupils is our top priority, at the centre of every decision.

Collaboration and Inclusion

  • We honour and applaud the differences that make us unique whilst actively seeking and celebrating the common ground that binds us together as a strong community. We work together in a productive environment where dynamic ideas are shared in partnership, so that every member of the community may thrive.

Honesty and Integrity

  • We are honest and open. Decisions and responses are ground in time-honoured moral principles that remain constant in the face of challenges and change.