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Our school governors, or governing body, have three main roles:

  • To provide strategic direction for the work we do at the Academy and its improvement.
  • To support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Academy.
  • To hold the Academy to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education.

Governors carry out these roles through participating in committees (focused on our curriculum, resources and standards), reviewing key data and regularly visiting the Academy. This enables them to build up relationships with staff, ask appropriate and challenging questions and contribute to the self-evaluation process.

The Full Governing Body (FGB) of John Madejski Academy comprises:

Mrs Mary Riall

Chair of FGB

All Committees, Additional Educational Needs and Inclusion Link

Mr Simon Cleverly


Curriculum & Standards Committee

Mr Edward Holloway


Resources Committee, CPA Link

Mrs Laura Ellener


All Committees

Sir David Bell KCB



Mr Richard Gordon

Vice-Chair of FGB, Chair of Resources Committee

Resources Committee


Miss Jane Showering


Resources Committee

Mrs Trisha Bennett

Mr Bryan Stabler

  Resources Committee

Dr Peter Ashby


Resources Committee

Mr Paul Dick