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New Aspirations

Whereas some may hope for the best in achieving their goals, here at John Madejski Academy a group of us are working hard to help identify the ‘snakes and ladders’ which might lie in our way. This kind of thing is one of the Academy’s many strengths. One great opportunity that our students have is the Research Club lead kindly by Mr Allen.

As part of the latest project of the academy’s Research Club, its members are developing an early blue print of what we are calling the Aspiration Game. The Aspiration Game is a remake of the classic board game, Snakes and Ladders. Whilst the snakes symbolise obstacles on your journey towards reaching the infamous 100, the snakes in our version symbolise hindrances in reaching your aspirations in life. Likewise, the ladders aid you in reaching it.

It’s the beginning of something new at JMA: the new aspirations of the recently established Research Club. We want the whole school community to get involved with ideas and answers to the many questions and interviews that we are planning for next half term.

The Young Researchers is made up of myself (Kaloyan), Jamie, Kieran, Yousef, Jessica, Nikita, Eloise, Kristina, Talia and professors and research staff from the University of Reading.

By Kaloyan G

Photographs by Yousef A; Kieran N; Jamie D

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