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Our students have the opportunity to influence what happens at the Academy through participating in various forums.

Year Group Council: One student from each Tutor Group can step up to be a Year Group Council representative. The reps share their thoughts and feelings on issues that affect the Academy and are responsible for shaping the strategic direction of their year group.

School Council: One student from each year group represents their peers on the School Council. They are responsible for gathering relevant information from their Year Group Council and acting as the spokesperson for their year group, sharing information and ideas. We also expect them to attend Academy functions throughout the year.

Teaching and Learning Council: Students on the Teaching and Learning Council work together to improve our joint understanding of how different groups of students in the Academy learn best.

Anti-Bullying Council: This is led by three sixth formers who, together with other members, work together to develop initiatives to help their fellow students feel safer and happier.

Sports Academy Council: The Sports Academy Council looks at ways the sport specialism can be used to drive standards across the Academy. Representatives are elected by other students in their form. They act as a link between their class and other groups, including Year Councils and the Academy Council.

All representatives have to be willing and able to put forward other students’ views even if they disagree with them.