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Our House System is designed to embody the eight core Academy values and is an integral part of our school community. All students and staff at John Madejski Academy belong to one of four Houses: Ennis, Redgrave, Farah and Holmes. We actively encourage competition between the Houses in sport, academic work, attendance and even in fundraising! 

The House System is used to develop a healthy culture of competition across the Academy with the aim to raise attainment, positive behaviour, attendance and motivation of the students. 

The House System, alongside the Student Voice, will enable our pupils to be fully involved in decision-making across the school. Our objective is to give every student:

  • A sense of belonging.
  • Positive role models from within their peer group.
  • A sense of achievement outside the classroom.
  • Individual and collective¬† leadership and responsibility.
  • Confidence to be bold, take action and develop a spirit of adventure.
  • The development of communication skills, flexibility and resilience

Students are in tutor groups that correspond to their Houses, and their tutor will also be part of the House staff. Badges denoting which house each students are worn as part of the Academy uniform.