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19 Oct 2015

Last Friday, 20 of our most enthusiastic Year 9, 10 and 11 scientists travelled to the City of London School, situated on the banks of the River Thames to attend a lecture from Dr Roger Crouch, an American astronaut from NASA. Dr Crouch served as Program Scientist on five different Spacelab flights. He has logged over 471 hours in space serving as Payload Specialist on STS-83, the Microgravity Science Laboratory and STS-94, a re-flight of the MSL-1.

Dr Crouch delivered a very animated and exciting lecture detailing his life experiences – his strive to become an astronaut and training for space expeditions at the age of 57. He pleaded with students never to give up on a dream no matter how extravagant, and he believes his accomplishments are an advocate of this motto.

Students were treated to various videos of life in space - eating, using the toilet and sleeping which was followed with a Question and Answer session.

Afterwards students were addressed by the Cubes in Space program. Selected schools  send small plastic cubes containing an item/experiment to space on a mission from NASA Virginia, USA which is then returned back to the school to see the effect of time in space upon their item.

The Academy has since registered for such a programme in conjunction with our many STEM projects.

Students greatly enjoyed the experience and thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures and ‘Selfies’ with an astronaut.

Graham McNamara and Avril Heffernan