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Head Girl, Chloe Sansom, (pictured second from right) says

The John Madejski Academy is a great place to study, from year 7 all the way through to the top of the Sixth Form. It gives all students real opportunities to succeed in all areas of their academic life, as well as playing their chosen sports to a high standard.  Staff at the Academy are willing to go out of their way to support and ensure their students achieve the best possible grades and have a clear pathway of where they are going after their time at JMA. The Academy offers a huge range of courses to study, enabling each student to further their knowledge in whatever interests them, opening up their choices for the future. With this in mind, the Academy is a fantastic place for someone to study who maybe is unsure of what industry they want to go into after their time here, however, is also an excellent study area for those who already know where they want to get to, as they will be supported by experienced staff members in specific academic areas.

I am a student on the Elite Football Studies Course which enables me to study alongside playing full time football. This means I can walk into the Academy every morning, knowing I will be doing what I love, as well as gaining a strong academic background to support my football including my Level 1 and Level 2 certificates in Football Coaching.  

All students are valued at JMA and for that reason everything is done in order to enhance individual learning and get the best out of each one.  The Academy makes sure that students and parents are aware of potential future pathways, helping and providing support with future plans.

The atmosphere around the Academy is great, it makes everyone feel welcome and I’m proud to be a member of JMA.