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The voice of the students!

The student voice of John Madejski Academy is a miracle of power to the students through a fair and equal democracy known as student voice. This is made up of several councils, (Community Council, Sports Council and the Arts Council) and each tutor group has two student representatives. There is student journalists who will spread news about the school. The community council will aim to improve our community standing. The sports council explores the range of ways of encouraging students to become more healthy and active.

So far we have had several meeting discussing, what is going well and how we aim to improve things that are not going so well. Personally I have enjoyed and found it uplifting to have the opportunity to talk to other students and act as a go between for students and teachers.

We have had the opportunity to meet our Local Conservative MP Alok Sharma. What an experience that was. Having the opportunity to discuss our future goals and to question his role and how he represents our community. To prepare for this meeting, we got together with our tutor groups and came up with a list of question we wanted to put to him. We then narrowed the questions, so we could ensure we got the best from the experience.

With the community Council we have had the opportunity to come up with fund raising ideas for Comic relief. This event was a great starting point for us.

As a student Parliament member it is fair to say, we have only started, we have a way to go, but we aim to achieve, we aim to be heard, we aim to improve the school with the active participation of the students.

By Kieran Barnes


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