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Young Researchers bring ‘aspiration’ to JMA

A team of enthusiastic young research students from JMA have been developing a research document throughout this term alongside the University of Reading and the Whitley Researchers.

On 21st November the research team began to gather information on what aspirations the JMA community has. Our Young Researchers led the day’s events putting their newfound skills to the test. They employed an unusual approach by asking those being interviewed to play a game based on snakes and ladders. The whole process was a great deal of fun even though it was hard work. Above all the team were provided with masses of valuable research material.

The work that our students are doing is beginning to attract attention further afield with their activities being a significant topic for discussion during a recent Reading Council meeting. Local primary schools and at least 2 other funding bodies have also expressed their interests in becoming involved. There is a great deal more to do with a published document due in the Spring of 2018. More to come.

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