Performing Arts

The main skills the students leave us with, and what we base our Performing Arts curriculum on, are:

  • Communication: The ability to perform a complex character with voice, gesture & physicality
  • Trust: To take direction without personality getting in the way, and take risks.
  • Teamwork: To work with a number of different cast members, to lead and be led.
  • Maturity: To work independently on a given project while understanding self.
  • Expression (Creativity): To create a piece of complex drama from any stating point
  • Evaluation: To be critically self and peer evaluative and be able to take professional criticism

Please see our Performing Arts News section and check back frequently for updates.

Please watch our video showcase below of Performing Arts at JMA in 2016-17.


@JMARobinson1, May 20
JMA Performing Arts are really looking forward to this :) also nice to see us in the highlights.
@JMARobinson1, May 19
Really proud of the Yr 11 GCSE Drama group, they did really well yesterday! 2 practicals, one log book, a theatre visit, set text study and a 1hr 45mins exam later..the Drama ride is over!
@JMARobinson1, May 18
: )
@JMARobinson1, May 17
and I'm a very lucky teacher to have such wonderful students to help out :)
@JMARobinson1, May 16
Just announced the ALICE cast list to the Performing Arts students...Loads of excitement! ALICE...summer production, let the fun begin :)
@JMARobinson1, May 16
A whole gaggle of Performing Arts students working out some maths for National Numeracy Day...everything is a Drama!
@JMARobinson1, May 14
In the Performing Arts the ability to follow a rhythm and be able to count time is very important. We also use maths to determine time performance periods and work out how long we have to rehearse...its normally not very long!
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted toni ford @tonifor75, May 12
Absolutely chucking it down and they sang their hearts out! Not phased at all x
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted toni ford @tonifor75, May 12
Hacked with rain but these guys nailed it!! Proud of them all even if I am now soaked x
@JMARobinson1, May 12
Today at Forbury Gardens.....Gene Kelly 'aint got nothin' on us!
@JMARobinson1, May 11
Don't be embarrassed, be embarrassing! Its never a tired Friday morning here in the Performing Arts :D
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted Corn Exchange @CornExchange, May 10
Glad you enjoyed it, you were a great audience (and made for an amazing understudy!)
@JMARobinson1, May 10
What an amazing performance from Le Navet Bete with Dracula at Newbury.