Performing Arts

The main skills the students leave us with, and what we base our Performing Arts curriculum on, are:

  • Communication: The ability to perform a complex character with voice, gesture & physicality
  • Trust: To take direction without personality getting in the way, and take risks.
  • Teamwork: To work with a number of different cast members, to lead and be led.
  • Maturity: To work independently on a given project while understanding self.
  • Expression (Creativity): To create a piece of complex drama from any stating point
  • Evaluation: To be critically self and peer evaluative and be able to take professional criticism

Please see our Performing Arts News section and check back frequently for updates.

Please watch our video showcase below of Performing Arts at JMA in 2017-18.


@JMARobinson1, Feb 15
From Monday we start a very exciting project with - MacBeth IN A WEEK!! Tickets from here:
@JMARobinson1, Feb 15
We are in the finals again for Lets sing Choir of the year! Get your tickets here!
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted Zsuzsi Lindsay @zsuzsiking, Feb 13
Please say you guys are doing this year
@JMARobinson1, Feb 13
we have applied! Educating Georgia! we are also looking at the possibility of another as well....just need a week to sort a script!
@JMARobinson1, Feb 13
Lots of Valentines energy at last nights showcase!
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted toni ford @tonifor75, Feb 13
Fabulous valentines showcase x well done guys
@JMARobinson1, Feb 13
First Performing Arts showcase of the year! Happy Valentines Day (for tomorrow!) 🥰
@JMARobinson1, Feb 2
Thank you to for our tickets to listen to their Music of Desire concert. It was amazing! First time for our of them wanted to know who the bloke dancing at the front was!
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted JMA official account @JMAcademy1, Feb 1
Due to extreme weather conditions, will be closed today (Friday 1st February).
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted RBL Theatre Co. @RBLTheatreCo, Jan 23
RBL Foundations Auditions - Macbeth in a Week -
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted Events In Reading @EventsInReading, Jan 11
Let's Sing is back for 2019! Welcoming amateur youth, junior and community choirs from around Reading. Show off your talent on stage at the Hexagon. Ticket proceeds go to the Mayor's charities. Here's a picture of JMA winning the trophy last year.
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted JMA official account @JMAcademy1, Jan 9
December at was certainly a festive and fun filled month! Read all about it in the latest edition of the JMA Journal -
@JMARobinson1, Jan 9
Something like phenomenon! JMA Performing Arts Sept till Christmas 2018..15 shows so far.....2019 will be even bigger!
@JMARobinson1, Jan 5
So happy to have you on board! Looking forward to a really positive partnership :)