Performing Arts

The main skills the students leave us with, and what we base our Performing Arts curriculum on, are:

  • Communication: The ability to perform a complex character with voice, gesture & physicality
  • Trust: To take direction without personality getting in the way, and take risks.
  • Teamwork: To work with a number of different cast members, to lead and be led.
  • Maturity: To work independently on a given project while understanding self.
  • Expression (Creativity): To create a piece of complex drama from any stating point
  • Evaluation: To be critically self and peer evaluative and be able to take professional criticism

Please see our Performing Arts News section and check back frequently for updates.

Please watch our video showcase below of Performing Arts at JMA in 2016-17.


@JMARobinson1, Jun 16
Busy busy Saturday, Song and Dance showcase rehearsals.....singing and dancing :) 19th June 6:30 £3
@JMARobinson1, Jun 15
Hope you enjoy and Eid Mubarak (عيد مبارك) to all who celebrate!
@JMARobinson1, Jun 14
Dance rehearsals coming along nicely :) -Song and Dance 19th June 6.30
@JMARobinson1, Jun 14
And looking froward to our return on the 2nd July :)
@JMARobinson1, Jun 13
JMA PAs Song and Dance, 19th June 6.30 £3. An evening of singing and dancing from our Reading Choir of the year and twice Reading Culture Award nominated group
@JMARobinson1, Jun 12
Year 8 adverts today! Blue sky lightning cleaner!
@JMARobinson1, Jun 11
Hello to new Reading Mayor- Councillor Debs Edwards, from JMA Performing Arts, really good to see you on Saturday, hope we can see more of you this year :)
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted toni ford @tonifor75, Jun 9
Fab performance jma PA x lots of positive comments received by the blagdon staff and families today you rocked it 😁😁
@JMARobinson1, Jun 9
JMA Performing Arts At Blagdon Nursery 80th Birthday Party. Having a great time in the sun!
@JMARobinson1 Retweeted JMA official account @JMAcademy1, Jun 6
What's been going on in May at JMA? Another month filled to the brim with achievements, trips, performances & excitement in & out of the classroom. Read all about it in our latest edition of the Journal-
@JMARobinson1, May 31
Thank you, and right back at ya :)
@JMARobinson1, May 25
Hello :) Announcing our performance of "Government Inspector" for Reading Fringe Festival on the 27th July at the Penta Hotel- expect the unexpected!
@JMARobinson1, May 24
We are exceptionally proud to announce that "JMA Performing Arts" are finalists for two prestigious Reading Culture Awards 2018- Under 25 Talent & Education Project.