Curriculum Maps

JMAs curriculum encourages students to develop a thirst for academic knowledge and development and appreciation of artistic, creative or sporting talent. The curriculum covers a breadth of subjects and supports academic and physical development for all our students. Alongside the taught curriculum, extra-curricular activities, assemblies and pastoral support students are given opportunities for their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our students are given every opportunity to succeed through this curriculum which promotes the Academy values and the British values of respect, tolerance, equality and fairness.

To ensure that our students acquire knowledge quickly and efficiently, each subject area has produced a curriculum and assessment map. This outlines how the curriculum fits together and how what is taught in lessons is equipping students to become experts in their subjects and to take them forward to study at University should they want to. The curriculum area maps are the building blocks for every subject and allow for detailed and rigorous schemes of learning and assessments to be planned and delivered.

Please click on the expandable sections below to view the Curriculum Maps for each subject.