Mr Duffy runs four marathons to raise money for John Radcliffe Hospital

Head of Year 9, Mr Duffy has inspired us all by running 4 marathons in 4 consecutive weekends to raise money for the John Radcliffe Hospital. He started with a marathon in Chelmsford on New Years Eve, and ended with one in Kent on 20th January (with marathons in Hillingdon and Gloucester in between). Each of the four races were really different; some were all on-road and others were all off-road negotiating knee deep mud and having to scramble over fences; but each one was a huge physical test. In total he ran over 100 miles!

The inspiration behind this incredible achievement was to honour Charley in Year 9 who tragically passed away in December. Charley was a really keen sportsman and loved running. He often spoke about running and was adamant that when he was old enough he’d race his Head of Year in the Reading Half Marathon and beat him! Mr Duffy decided to run the 4 marathons in memory of Charley and to raise money for the hospital that had treated him so well.

In addition to this personal challenge, Mr Duffy organised a running based event at the academy that all students could take part in. On 18th January a sponsored run took place during lunch break where students were sponsored to run 5 laps of the astro pitch. We were blown away by the sheer numbers of students who chose to get involved in this event, with well in excess of 150 students running, and every single Year Group in the Academy being represented.

If you would like to donate to this hugely deserving cause, you can do so via Mr Duffy's fundraising page here -