Children Helping Children

This is the second year JMA Performing Arts has been invited to perform at Children Helping Children at the Hexagon. Last year they performed the prologue to Romeo & Juliet, as a movement/dance and "wordscape" (a sort of mixed up poem). This proved to be very popular so this year they decided to do something similar with Jabberwocky.

The team had rehearsed the piece for 2 weeks prior to the performance and used only KS3 students in the elite Performing Arts group.

They started by whispering the opening verse in blackout with torches under their faces, and then the performance kicked off with an eclectic mix of dance, poetry, singing and acting. A highlight of the piece was a scene where students translated one of the verses into “modern day slang".

The piece ended with the whole group singing the appropriately titled; "Whats that coming over the hill, is it a monster".

The team enjoyed the evening not just because they love performing, but also because it is a really good way of showing off our school and displaying all the positive stuff we are get up to! This will be JMAs 15th performance this academic year!

It's also a good way to see what other schools do and the astonishing level of talent that is out there, especially in Whitley.