Leadership within School Games

Selected students in Year 7 to Year 9 have been involved in leadership training this term. They have used this training to then assist in running the School Games events. Year 7 and 8 pupils have been trained in Boccia and New Age Kurling which are inclusive sports; with Year 9s training being on Change4Life. Change4life is a national programme run to increase the activity levels of the inactive within primary schools. The pupils involved had to learn to lead a session for around 8 minutes to a group of 12 primary school pupils; adjusting and adapting each time for the group’s needs.

During the training sessions, all pupils involved engaged in challenging tasks of differentiation to ensure they were fully prepared for the event ahead. The Year 7 & 8 pupils had an even harder task of learning the rules for games they had never previously played. Nonetheless, they did not disappoint and picked the rules up with great speed.

Year 9 pupils did a unbelievable job of increasing physical activity participation of over 230 primary school pupils across the day within the two sessions. A special thank you must go to Harrison who was highlighted by the Primary school teachers as 'Young Leader of the Day' for his inspirational engagement with the pupils, ability to empathise and adapt to all situations. Similarly the Year 7 and 8 Boccia and New Age Kurling leaders. This was an inclusive event therefore many of the primary pupils had additional learning needs. All leaders were adaptable and understanding and did an incredible job of ensuring all pupils had a fantastic day.

We also hosted the Year 5 and 6 Girls Football tournament. 16 different primary schools attended with at least one team each. It was amazing to see so many girls taking part in football. The Elite Girls football team and Reading Football in the Community were key to the girls' engagement within the event; running fun skills drills for teams whilst they had rest games. Thank you also to the Elite girls for refereeing; they were great role models and inspirational to the next generation.