Participation in School Games

JMA pupils have also had the opportunity to participate within the School Games events. This term saw the Year 8 boys and girls sports hall athletics team go head to head with Prospect School. It was a tightly contested event with all pupils taking part putting in their maximum in but unfortunately  it was not enough for either the boys or girls team with Prospect beating JMA by only a few points. Thankfully two teams have the opportunity to advance through to the level 3 event at Bisham Abbey so we will be ready for the re-match.

Year 10 and 11 boys badminton team went away to Prospect for the School Games Badminton event. All boys were using this event as valuable game experience ready for their PE  GCSE moderation in a few months time. Although Reading School dominated the competition it was an invaluable experience and a great opportunity to play competitively.

16 Pupils were selected to take part in the Boccia and New age Kurling Tournament. Splitting the 16 into 4 teams they competed against one another to be crowned winners of each sport. The pupils had a great morning experiencing new sports, whilst developing  their team work and communication skills as both are key within these sports. 3 of these pupils will be selected to represent JMA at the Berkshire Winter Games Boccia competition at the end of March.