Annual Day Dream Harvest - THE SPIRE

All the way through this year, our Year 9 Performing Arts students have been working on the Annual Day Dream Harvest. The project is delivered by a group of local artists and results in a procession around Whitley.

This year the theme was SPIRE, and what happens when a community all work together. We had built the SPIRE out of cardboard and had been busy rehearsing dances, songs and chants for the big day.

At 7pm on the 21st April the gates at JMA flung open and our students, all dressed in costumes that they had made, came running out approaching members of the public searching for the energy that would bring them all together. On the backs of fantastic machines and calling through loud speakers, the group processed through the streets of Whitley; much to the amazement and confusion of the residents.

Then on Rabsons Rec, just outside the Sports centre the procession came to a stand still and the group built the spire and performed their rehearsed ceremony chanting and dancing for Whitley, in the hope that their energy would bring us all together. In the end everyone joined in taking the SPIRE down, and we all went home, with a massive smile on our faces.

REVIEW: unifying-performance-at-rabsons-rec/