Visit to the University of Reading

Mr Allen, Ms Pizzigallo and Mr Fishwick took a team of Year 7 students to the University of Reading to give students a taste of university life, and to compete against Year 6 primary school children and other Year 7 secondary school children in a university quiz.

By Vaishnavi, Year 7

The students of Reading University are working as volunteers in many local schools to support primary and secondary students with their subjects. Tuesday 12th June was the end of year celebration of the voluntary work done by them. I was lucky enough to be invited, as part of a group of Year 7 students, to this celebration which allowed us to learn about university.

On 12th June, we travelled to the University of Reading where we were welcomed by volunteers with ice cream and snacks. We were then taken to the Science lab to conduct a fun-filled activity preparing a mixture for use in the bath. To create the "Bath Bomb" we mixed bicarbonate soda, citric acid and a fragrance of our choice in the ratio 3:1:1. It was great fun!

At around 5pm we were taken to the Lecture Theatre for a quiz competition. This quiz was conducted by group of volunteers and staff. A competition was held between many teams which included - primary, secondary and university students. At the end of the competition we were addressed by the Vice Chancellor, Sir David Bell with a motivational speech and he also distributed the prize to the winning team.

The celebration was concluded with cup cakes and juice. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it has made me think about my future university life!