A day of singing!

Flush with our success at the Awards evening we were asked to sing for an MP and at the opening of New directions (a local job and training service)...unfortunately on the same day...and at the same time!

So first of all we took ourselves to the main hall where we met MP Matt Rodda, who was meeting the WEC council. We sang Winter Trees for him and talked about our success. Then in the hot mid afternoon sun, all dressed in black and carrying a heavy speaker, we ran across the school to the Sure Start building...set up and 5 minutes later, started to sing again! This time we reproduced our Song and Dance first half and sang for a full 30 minutes.....outside! The gathered audience clapped appreciatively and when we had finished we all sat down for a well earned rest and a cold glass of squash.

I am constantly amazed at not just our groups talent but also their dedication, tenacity and ability just to rise above it all and give an audience the best they have. At Christmas we sang in freezing cold on a bus, last month in the pouring rain in a park and this month we sang for a solid 30 minutes in the baking heat. Each time the performance is as good, if not better, than the last. This is why we deserved to be awarded.