End of Year Showcase

At the end of every year, the Performing Arts team like to show off what they have done throughout the year with a showcase event. This year has been especially good in the performing arts, with 37 public performances and 4 big awards!

The showcase was a chronological story of the year starting with our first event; singing for the Mayor, then to Dusseldorf, through Christmas, the Choir of the Year success, Juliet, Reading Bus launch events and finishing with items from the last song and dance showcase. The evening ended with a poignant rendition of "We are young" performed by our now leaving BTEC Sixth Form students.

The evening was wonderful, full of laughter and tears. It was both happy and sad as this was the last time this year the whole group will perform together. However it was also a new start for the group who are now looking forward to the adventure of 2018-19 Performing Arts.