2018 JMA Arts Awards

The final event of the year!

Wow what a year it has been! 37 performances, youth choir, overall choir, under 25s talent of the year, 100% University entry for our Sixth Formers, best tutor group in school award and Teacher of the year for Head of Performing Arts - Mr Robinson!

A really great way to celebrate all the achievements was with our own Arts Awards. The annual ceremony is our flagship event and has been months in the planning; with trophies ordered, films made and dresses bought. The evening is a chance for us to really show off, and show off we did.

This year we gave out over 50 awards to the great and good of the Arts, including key stage awards for all the subjects - art, dance, drama, music and performing arts. The evening had a mix of film and performances; from solo singing, choir and a play about everything we have done this year performed in under 6 minutes! We also had, for the first time, a guest speaker: Mrs Zsuszi Page, who spoke about the Dusseldorf project as well as re-presented us with Under 25s Talent of the Year.

The evening culminated in the presentation of our biggest award - Artist of the Year. This went to one of our Sixth Formers, who has worked tirelessly over the past 8 years in the performing arts, and is now leaving us to attend Drama school - Luke D.

As always the evening was a great success and a wonderful way of celebrating, not just the Arts, but also the students and their parents. Well done to everyone who won!