Elite Basketball update

The cold of November seems to have breathed warmth and life into the players and coaches at JMA and their commitment to getting better.

The term before Christmas has been named ‘the grind’ over previous years and this year is no different. Dark mornings, long nights, mounting academic programmes and long weekends of competition and travel certainly give some adversity to the athletes and staff!

And within adversity is an introduction to you. This is where we are finding our very best moments at this time.

Our teams are in full flow and as a school we are playing in more competitions than we have ever done in recent years.

Our u19 girls now compete in the WEABL (Women’s Elite Academies Basketball League) and the u19 boys in the EABL so for the very first time in our history we are at the top level of u19 Basketball for boys and girls.

There is a lot more yet to do as we are well aware and with the incredible support of the PE team and the foresight to design the curriculum with flexibility and opportunity we are now looking at the prospect of having younger players being able to access Elite basketball for the first time too.

With games coming thick and fast and January only a stone’s throw away this is a very important time for our school and we are intensely proud of the way that our players and staff are managing themselves.

It would be remiss of me however not to add a side note and a welcome to Alan Keane to at this moment: The current GB u18 Head Coach is now working with us here at JMA and we know that the future looks incredibly bright with him along side us!