MFL News!

Fifty of our Spanish students across all year groups swapped their regular Period 5 lesson for a theatre afternoon as we welcomed Onatti productions with “La casa encantada” (The Haunted House). The entirety of the play was in Spanish but the actors made the story accessible with lots of repetition, visuals and miming so our students were able to follow the story with some giggles along the way. In particular when unsuspecting Year 11 student Brandon, found himself as part of the cast on stage for a considerable amount of time, putting his Spanish to the test! Brandon was a good sport and went along with it… ¡sí, sí, Brandon! ¡Muchas gracias!

It was an excellent opportunity to see a lot of GCSE core vocabulary being used in context; and a pleasing coincidence to see food vocabulary recently learnt with Years 8 and 9 making an appearance too.

We look forward to next year’s play and more students joining us for another afternoon of theatre, language and laughter.

Isabel Isern, Head of MFL