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The internet is becoming an increasingly significant part of young people’s lives, and although it is undeniably a great resource for learning, unsafe use can pose risks. At John Madejski Academy, we believe that education is crucial to making sure that our students are able to use the internet safely. On Safer Internet Day, we will continue to teach students about the threats and dangers they may experience while online. Every year, new statistics demonstrate the risks that unsupervised and unrestricted children face online. Here are some of the most alarming: Almost 1 in 4 young people has come across racist or hate messages online. Around 1 in 8 has been bullied on social media. 1 in 4 children has experienced something upsetting on a social networking site. There were more than 12,000 counselling sessions with young people who talked to Childline about online issues in 2017. Safer Internet Day is a global event that is coordinated in the UK by the UK Internet Safety Centre, a partnership whose mission is “to promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people”. This year’s campaign is being run with the slogan “Together for a better internet”, a call to action for people to work together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, especially younger users. Although Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, our efforts to ensure the online safety of our students continue throughout the year. All members of staff are involved in encouraging safe online practices, and we are determined to prevent any of our students from being at risk.  

Teaching Students the Dangers of the Internet

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From Monday we start a very exciting project with - MacBeth IN A WEEK!! Tickets from here:
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We are in the finals again for Lets sing Choir of the year! Get your tickets here!
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JMA performing arts youth choir competes at Let’s Sing 2019 on 6 March
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Yr 5 football tournament yesterday. Always so good to see children having the opportunity to play competitive sports.
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First Performing Arts showcase of the year! Happy Valentines Day (for tomorrow!) 🥰
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Fabulous valentines showcase x well done guys
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really proud of the young researchers at our AGM today
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Parents of Whitley schools you are all invited.
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We understand just how important is, and on , our pupils learned about the risks they may encounter on the internet and how they can avoid them:
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John Madejski Academy has a framework in place to ensure pupils with mental health problems get the support they need:
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By teaching children about the risks they may face online, we help them to stay safe while using the internet:
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Throughout this week, we will be teaching our pupils about the effects of mental health problems:
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Great to see our alumni excelling in their chosen field.
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On , we are teaching our pupils about and how to avoid the dangers they may face on the internet: