We want to be able to say to employers and universities that all students’ attendance records are excellent.

Research shows that good attendance plays a crucial part in student success and this, combined with good performance, will ensure that students can be entered for their examinations. We expect a minimum attendance of 95% to be maintained. It is vital that students, parents and staff work together to achieve at least this minimum target.

By following the procedures below students will ensure that concerns regarding attendance are minimised, enabling staff to provide positive and competitive references for students.

Absence for Higher Education Visits

Students are encouraged to fully investigate their options after Sixth Form. Therefore, the Academy will authorise up to three days of visits to Higher Education Open Days. An Absence Request Form must be completed at least two weeks in advance, and strategies put in place to  complete any work missed.

Absence for Medical Appointments

Students should try, as far as is reasonably possible, to ensure non urgent doctors appointments are made outside of the school day. However, should this be unavoidable, student should complete an Absence Request Form, detailing the time they will be absent for and what strategies they will use to catch up any missed work.

Appointments that have to be made during the school day, for example orthodontists, and hospital appointments should also be authorised using the Absence Request Form.