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Ofsted Inspection Report

On 19th and 20th September 2017, Ofsted visited the Academy with inspectors looking at different aspects of the school. As a result of this inspection, John Madejski Academy has been removed from special measures. This result represents a huge turnaround from the school’s previous inspection, conducted in November 2015.

Among the reasons Ofsted gave for the Academy’s success were; “The new leadership team inspired by the commitment and missionary-like zeal of the principal”, and “the rapidly improving teaching”.

You can read the full Ofsted report by clicking the link below.

Exam Results

Key Stage 4

2019 GCSE results were as follows:

  • New Government Measures 2018
  • 4+ Basics (students achieving 9-4 in English and Maths) — 34%
  • 5+ Basics (students achieving 9-5 in English and Maths) — 15%
  • Attainment 8 Average Score — 35.7
  • P8 Score - -0.57%
  • Percentage achieving Ebacc: 2%

16 to 19 (Key Stage 5) Results

Click here to view KS5 Results

English and Maths

  • English progress (national = NYK) — +0.71
  • Maths progress (national = NYK) — 0.43

Vocational Pathway

  • % of BTEC entries at Dis-Dis* — 68%
  • Applied general value added score — +0.57
  • Average point score per applied general entry expressed as a vocational grade — 34.79
  • Retention — 90%

A-level Pathway

  • % of entries A*-E — 100%
  • % of entries A*-C — 53.1%
  • A level value-added score — -0.40
  • Grade and points for a student’s best 3 A-levels — C
  • Retention — 97%

Percentage of pupils staying in education or entering employment after KS4: 83%

Performance Tables

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