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Rewards - Week 3&4

10 June 2020

It is a bumper week for rewards as this week as two people have won the raffle: In recognition of the hard work that you are producing, we have introduced a new rewards system. We are aiming to celebrate the positive accomplishments of all our students at JMA weekly, each student nominated will receive a virtual certificate which will state the subject, teacher and reason for your reward. Then you will all be entered into a raffle to win a prize and the video of who has won the raffle will be placed on the website. I will be emailing you every Tuesday to inform you of who is the raffle winner and what students have been nominated for subject awards.

This week the following students have been rewarded a certificate (see attachment) and the raffle winners are...

Liam Chipperfield- Year 7


Saul Fappiano- Year 10

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, we are proud of your hard work and everyone else please keep submitting your work.

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