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Year 9 Guided Choices

Year 9 Curriculum Pathways:

A significant stage of every child's education in taking their GCSE examinations. In recent years, the GCSE courses have changed, and it is evident that they require a far greater depth of knowledge, a greater range of skills and aptitudes than the old model GCSEs. Coursework and Controlled Assessment no longer exist, and there is a greater emphasis on extended writing, problem solving and the quality of written communication.

When students take their GCSE's they will no longer be awarded letter grades A*-U but will instead be awarded numbered grades from 1-9 (grade 4/5 will be the equivalent to an old C grade). As a school we have responded to the changes in education to ensure all students can be successful at Key Stage 4 and beyond. Students will be placed on a 'pathway' based on their prior attainment which will give them the uppermost chance of realising their potential. All students will be required to study English, Mathematics, Science, R.E and Core P.E and in addition to this, students will be required to select option subjects from a selection of blocks.

When making subject choices consider the following factors;

  • Which subjects do they enjoy most?
  • Future career ambitions, is the choice relevant?
  • Balance; as they will be studying a range of academic subjects would they like to complete an option with more practical style of learning?
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