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Knowledge Organisers

This term all homework is focused on using Knowledge Organisers. The two exceptions for this are Maths and MFL, where you will continue to use MyMaths and Memrise to complete your homework.

As well as the knowledge organisers, you are also expected to read your accelerated reader library book for 30 minutes every evening.

Why are we using Knowledge Organisers?

  • The GCSE and BTEC courses have changed to focus on the retrieval of knowledge.
  • Students need to know specific dates, key words and formula.
  • By learning the key facts from as early as Year 7 the knowledge is becoming part of our students’ long term memory which will support them in reaching their potential in exams.
  • The knowledge organisers contain ­core knowledge which is essential for progress in each subject area.
  • Students are required to learn prescribed parts of the knowledge organiser each week; these will be formally quizzed in the following lesson.

How do I use a knowledge organiser?

  • Each knowledge organiser has the key facts for the topic you are learning
  • You will have specific homework set around each area of the knowledge organiser
  • You need to memorise the content of the knowledge organiser before you are quizzed in class
  • Use the look, and cover, and say, and write, and check method to learn the information.


All maths homework has been set using My Maths. The links to each piece of homework are on Show My Homework. You will need your MyPortal log in given to you in class and the school log in below:

Username: madejski

Password: aspire

Please click on the buttons below to view and download Knowledge Organisers by year group for Autumn 2019.

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