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JMA launches report publication: Aspiration in Whitley

1 September 2018
JMA launches report publication: Aspiration in Whitley

Wednesday 19th September saw the publication and presentation of the report ‘Aspiration in Whitley: Improving the collaboration between schools, family and the community’. A large group of people from the Academy, the council, the Whitley community and the University of Reading gathered at JMA to hear from contributors of this award winning document. Central to this was our Young Researchers team who once again set the tone for proceedings with well delivered and passionate speeches. The remainder of the evening continued with a different focus celebrating the achievements that had led to the report itself. The evening was not only about calls to action but what that action should be and how it should be done. Many connections were made and collaborations explored.

There remains a great deal to do as the school, the community and our friends within the university work to develop and improve opportunities for our young people and our community. The report itself is widely available through the Academy, Reading Council and the University of Reading.

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