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Louise Baker Announces Intent to Continue Improvement at John Madejski Academy

1 October 2020
Louise Baker Announces Intent to Continue Improvement at John Madejski Academy

As we reopened again earlier this month, our new principal, Mrs Baker, officially joined our school. The appointment was announced in July, and Louise has now joined JMA after a successful transition period.

In a letter sent to parents, Mrs Baker said “I believe that every student deserves a chance and access to an excellent education and opportunities.”

To achieve her vision, Mrs Baker discussed her goals for improvement, saying that: “teaching and learning expectations need to be first class, all the time, every day. A tucked in shirt with a top button done up means that person will approach their studies and work with the same precision. Learning should also be challenging and enjoyable.”

Before joining our school, Mrs Baker enjoyed a successful period as principal at St Joseph’s Catholic School in Slough, and has been working in education for 20 years.

Having finally been able to finally meet everyone, she is impressed with how well the school community has adapted to the new situation.

She said: “It’s been great to see all the staff and children coming back to school so positively. Everyone has had to work really hard together to make sure we can safely return, and I’ve been really impressed with the togetherness and commitment of the whole school community. In the staff and pupils I see a fantastic school body full of potential and personality.”

Mrs Baker will initially be supported in her new role by our Vice Principal R Morgan and Assistant Principals — G Bale, Liz Green, and C Hudson.

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