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Year 12 and 13 will follow a PSHE programme which will enrich their lives and prepare them to be good citizens equipped for life outside of and after school. We are seeking to challenge students on moral and spiritual issues whilst also providing social guidance and cultural enrichment. The programme will seek to meet a variety of needs, investing students with certain practical life skills but also seeking to stretch, challenge and broaden their minds through lectures, seminars and debates. The programme will also prepare them for their next steps, focusing on UCAS, careers and opportunities beyond school. Moral, cultural and contemporary social issues will be addressed, and fundamental British values explored and discussed.


The programme is delivered through:

  • Dedicated Tutor Time session focusing on PSHE (8.30 – 8.50)
  • Weekly whole year assembly (8.30 – 8.50)
  • Ad hoc lectures and guest speakers
  • Specialist enrichment days
  • CIAG events
  • One to One CIAG
  • Futures Week
  • Work Experience (Y12)
  • Safe Drive – Stay Alive


Over the course of the year we will invite interesting speakers to come and talk to the students in assemblies. Such guests may represent local organisations, or have a connection to John Madejski Academy. The purpose of these talks is to give students an insight into a ‘day in the life’ of as many different careers as possible, to introduce them to key British institutions and to get them thinking about the moral and cultural issues and values which concern the UK today. Students are encouraged to lead assembly on topics which are important to them to both build their self-confidence but also foster tolerance and mutual respect within the year group, and a representative from each tutor group is expected to lead an assembly over the year. A weekly ‘Sixth Former award’ is presented to celebrate achievement and perseverance within the cohort. Tutors and the Heads of Year also deliver assemblies

Assembly topics in 2018/19 Term 1


Keeping healthy – An introduction to the school nurse service – what’s available and how to access support

Guest Speaker - School Nurse – Assembly Monday 8thand Wednesday10th October

Prevent and you

L Ellener Assembly Monday 15th and Wednesday 17thOctober

CIAG Part 3

P Allen Assembly Monday 29th and Wednesday 31stOctober

Sexting, consent and safe sex

S Barton Monday 12th November and Wednesday 14thNovember

Keeping Mentally well

L Stevens Tutor Group presentation - Monday 2rd December and Wednesday 5th November

FGM (girls session)

Cancer awareness (boys session)

S Barton Monday 10th December and Wednesday 12thDecember

Guest Speaker - School Nurse / C Hudson Monday 10thDecember and Wednesday 12th December

The big debate – Money is the most important thing in the world?

Guest Speaker alumni - Monday 17th December and Wednesday 19th December

Tutor Morning PSHE

September 2018 sees the introduction of a Sixth Form PSHE programme, delivered by form tutors under the guidance of the Assistant Head (Sixth Form). Topics will include alcohol and peer pressure, safe driving, coping with examinations and parental expectations, financial responsibility, ‘legal highs’, and matters of sexual health. This will be subject to on-going review and it is expected that topics may be adjusted to reflect matters in the news. Tutors may ‘double up’ in order to allow material to be delivered by those most comfortable with the subject matter.

Tutor Time Schedule Half Term 1



Induction into the 6th form Part 1


Induction into the 6th form Part 2


Attendance and Expectations


Attendance and Expectations


Healthy eating and Wellbeing


Prevent and you

Specialist Enrichment Days

Specialist Enrichment days will range from lectures in the Theatre to small group seminars and competitive inter-form debates. Some sessions will be Year 12 or Year 13 specific: the majority will be joint sessions and attendance is compulsory. These sessions will seek to provide important information, enrich, provoke discussion, and provide invaluable life skills.

  • Term 1 – November 13th Apprentice Day (CIAG)

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