John Madejski Academy 6th Form

Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code requires students to be smart, well presented and business like. The John Madejski Academy Sixth Form is a place of work and clothes worn here may be different from how students dress when not at school.

Sixth Form students are representatives of the Academy and act as role models. The Sixth Form dress code seeks to prepare students for the business environment, and consequently replicates its ethos and expectations.

All students will be expected to wear business attire. This should include the following:

  • Formal, smart trousers or (for girls) skirts of an appropriate length
  • A suit jacket or blazer.
  • Smart shirts, blouses or tops that cover the shoulders, chest and stomach.
  • Knitted jumpers or cardigans may also be worn.
  • Formal shoes or boots, brown or black only.
  • Hats (as outside wear only).

Sports performance students will be required to dress in the course uniform. Students should refrain from any deviation from this (for example alternative football shirts).

Students that wish to adhere to cultural or religious requirements will be allowed to wear appropriate head coverings or modest dress.

Further details regarding Sixth Form dress code are available in the student handbook.

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